Monday, July 03, 2006

How many lives before I win your love?

I just wanted to whisper,
Sitting next to a camping fire,
In no man’s land so far away,
With only you and me to talk,
Looking at the stars in the sky,
Drinking tea you and I just made,
On a cold - cold joyful night,
How deeply I’m in love with you!

And I wanted to tell you,
Walking in a sandy beach,
Looking at the dusk light hiding out,
Behind the waves of great blue sea,
Feeling the cold of the evening breeze,
Looking at your smile that warm my heart,
Moving my fingers through your hair,
How madly I’m in love with you!

And I wanted to ask you,
Just after a candle light dinner,
Listening to an old love song,
Enjoying the dessert and smiling alone,
Looking in your eyes I fell in love,
Taking your hand and smiling again,
Gathering my words, getting lost in thoughts,
“My darling would you be mine for life”?

But now my darling I just wonder,
Counting the stars in the sleepless nights,
With an aching heart that feel so heavy,
Looking at the flowers and listening to birds,
Closing my eyes and drawing your smile,
Listening to the cries of country songs,
Smiling alone with memories of gold,
How many lives before I win your love?


  1. Why on the earth you are writing these stupid poems man ??

  2. Out of pure stupidity! Couldn't you figure it out the same way you figured the stupidity of the poem?

    Any more questions?

    BTW why are you anonymous?

    Thanks :)

  3. hmmmm .... Seems like you are frustrated ....

  4. Well I know U have done this poem long time ago It's belong to your past.. But seems like there is new lucky Girl.. know . . . :-)

  5. Anonymous:
    U think I'm frustrated?.. hmmm.. To be honest I really don't know my state of mind.. It shifts too fast these days..

    Yeah it's an old piece.. you remember my poems better than I do pal..