Tuesday, June 20, 2006

MSc in Advanced Software Engineering

I'm planning to read for the MSc in Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Westminister which is offered by the Informatics Institute of technology here in Sri Lanka. I went there yesterday to pick the application set. It's begining this september...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

We burn..

Driven by the desires we all are
Of our minds naïve and untamed
Not realizing the evil of lust
We neglect the serenity within
Seek divine pleasures for our senses
That would burn us to eternity

Exchanged the Tercel

Ok folks... don't laugh now… I changed cars again… A 2004 September Suzuki Swft for 1.7Mil… Will post images soon. But the best deal is, I’m giving it to appachchi (father) and getting his N16…

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

In the past

Before I started to blog, I had a poetry site. (http://mahasenpaya.8m.com - http://www.mahasenpaya.tk) That contained poems I wrote in the back pages of my note books and buss tickets. Most of these poems were written during the 1999-2003 period. Asela (of http://www.4minutesperday.com) used several of these poems in his site. Today I found an archive of those old poems and thought of publishing it here.

Those tiny little things happened
That made my heart bloom
Those tiny little moments
My eyes met her glance
They all come to my mind
When I’m lost in thoughts
That’s why you always find me
Smiling whenever I’m alone...

And this one too

You warm my heart day by day
You enter my dreams little by little
My thoughts of you get sweetened and sweetened
I seem to care ’bout you more and more
And I’m afraid on one of these days
I may even fall in love with you!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

You too EU; thought you can tame us?

Within hours after the EU's listing LTTE as a terrorist organization, LTTE leadership has ordered a mass execution of innocent Sinhalese civilians in Welikanda on 29th may 2006. The poor Sinhalese villagers who had been working as construction laborers at an irrigational project at ODDIYAMADU were arbitrary executed by shooting by armed LTTE cadres. One of the two survivors explaining the media, how the execution was carried out said:

"There were fourteen of us repairing the canal, but we were quite late on that day (29th) to finish the day's work. Once we stared to move home we were surrounded by a group of armed LTTE cadres and ordered us to muster on the road until their commander comes.

Few minutes later, we were taken by two and tied our hands on each others back and mustard on a line. Then the executioner came in front of us start shooting. A bullet went through my friend's head, tied on my back, so I also lay pretending dead."
The victims have been identified as the residents of MAHASENPURA village. Their names are as follows:S. K. SUNIL JAYAWARDANE, E. A. SARATH KUMARA, B. J. ABEYSOORIYA, G. S. GUNAWARDANE, SIRISENA, AJITH, T. M. DARMADASA, SARATH, T. B. WASANTHA KUMARA, B. T. T. DAMMIKA, T. M. GUNARATHNE and KUMARA.

It is evident that the LTTE leadership has not yet decided to give up his maniacal dream of an "ethnically pure Tamil land". Those SLMM monitors who visited the seen should have recalled how Adolph Hitler carried out the mass execution of Jews during the World War II. Unfortunately, LTTE has been allowed continue its barbarism in Sri Lanka unnoticed by the International Community for thirty years.