Thursday, February 09, 2006

Can’t think of a subject to this post

Beginning of this year ayya (my elder brother) moved in with us. Since he’s the eldest of the family and has always shown maturity we expected things to be some what better in his presence. But nothing has really improved so far except for that we have started to go jogging twice or thrice a week.
We were supposed to renew our rent this month. But since ayya moved in, we thought of renting a new place with three bedrooms. We informed our land lord that we would leave in the beginning of March and started to search for a place. Now I find it’s only I who search (and my sincere friends - to whom I’m really thankful). And all that my sister and brother does is saying no to the places that I find.. either they are too expensive for them or too far. I’m pissed off with their attitude right now and am planning to rent out an apartment or an annex with a single bedroom and move out alone letting them do what ever they wish.. I have already started the search.
So any one - if you know a such place around Nawala with parking please let me know :d - Thanks