Sunday, December 18, 2005

Week long post

I had a bit long weekend - Thursday to Sunday. It’s quite refreshing to have some time off work and computers! But couldn’t enjoy it 100% because my niece was at home on Thursdays and half day Friday. While she’s a cute little girl it’s extremely difficult to bare with her for more than 2 hours. She keeps talking continuously without stopping from dawn till dusk. And we can’t just ignore her.

So on Thursday I went to NC’s and then to the temple with his family. We offered alms to the people who had taken precepts there and spent the whole day at the temple.

The day after (Friday) I took father to the town and while waiting for him did some shopping. Boy cloths are cheap in Kandy.

Saturday was the lazy day and this morning we gave alms to Mahamevna monastery. It’s our last alms offering this year. We have only one offering next year. Believe or not, every meal is booked for next year! May be we’ll find small temple some where else. But it’s some what difficult to find a temple where monks practice pure Buddhism.

Last week our team had some what their heads buried in Business Rule Engines. Rasika had found few implementations in Java but non in .NET. There are few commercial products available as well - but we aren’t considering them as options. Finally, Rasika decided to write one in his own. Nalin wanted him to add it to sourceforge. But I don’t think Rasika would. :-? May be I would...