Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tightened security

There are notices at every entrance requesting to declare DVDs, CDs, USB devices, laptops, palmtops etc. when entering office premises. It is prohibited to bring those items in. we have to leave them at the security! It’s becoming more like living in a high security zone.

I sent a mail to the network administrator regarding my blog being blocked and categorized as pornography. I expressed that I have no objection about blocking it but I consider categorizing it as pornography is damaging to my reputation and is an insult. And I urged him to have it re-evaluated. No action has been taken so far and he didn’t even have the courtesy even to reply.

That is one of the main problems I see around here. The Finance, Administration and MIS departments, some how has the perception that the Developers and QAs are below them in the company hierarchy. They never seem to realize that it is us who earn them their salaries. They should at least show us some politeness than this. And the management doesn’t seem to do any thing to change that.