Thursday, December 22, 2005

Problems of FOSS

Due to licensing costs our company is in the process of migrating from StarTeam to Subversion. And our project is the pilot project which first uses Subversion.

We are experiencing typical problems of FOSS. No one could be held accountable for critical defects the product has. (Not even our internal team who customized it) We never know when a defect would get fixed - if it ever gets fixed. There are hundred and one ways of doing one thing, and no way of doing another.

Now these are just the usage problems, the dev team who are dealing with customizing this must be facing much more…

Current FOSS are good - but not for serious business. If they are ever to be suitable for enterprise level usage, open source developers should be much more disciplined.

Ok… Now I’m open for all sorts of criticism on these comments… And I won’t fight back :D