Monday, December 19, 2005

Best things that happened to me during 2005

I was going to list down the things that delighted me this year. The best things that happened to me. Then it struck me. Nothing special happened this year - I didn’t even changed jobs! So I’m setting the bar bit low… things in my life that I welcomed this year.

  • Family - yeah ok they were there from the beginning… but I welcomed their company this year

  • Best friends - Sithira and NC, they just ROCK. Best friends one could ever have. And of cause Chamini, NC’s girl friend. She moves alone with us trio quite nicely.

  • Pets - Mama Brownie and daughter Brownie who moved in with us to the annex in Nawala. Ayesha, Vinci, Joy and Xena at home in Kandy. It’s a pleasure to be welcomed home by them every day.

  • Mahamevna Buddhist monastery at Kundasale - it gave me the opportunity to gain good Karma.

  • Buddhist Society of Western Australia - Ajahn Brahm is worth listening to

  • Visual Studio 2005 - it just excites me

  • My Nokia 6230i - it fits my lifestyle