Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Microsoft strategy vs What I want to be doing

I usually don’t fall asleep quickly after I get in to the bed. I usually spend an hour or so thinking about various things before giving in to sleep.
Last night I was giving a thought about what Yik Joon Ho said about Microsoft strategy during the Tech.Ed. He said in his own words that Microsoft is making tools as such that the developers do not have to know much about technology, rather they should know about the business.

His example on this was that a development tool which has voice recognition to which you could speak in plain English and it would generate code for you! So in that context software engineer would be some one who could explain the business in English. Well it would be some time before this technology comes out from Microsoft, yet I find it alarming. We already have some one in our project who can explain the business in English; and we call him the customer!

Ok. Forget about that scenario. Just look at Visual Studio 2005, our immediate future. Does that require the same level of expertise required for using VS 2003? No. Alarmingly only stuff you have to manually code is the business logic. Every aspect of the deployment environment could be developed using drag and drop! Distribution, Data repositories, application layering… you name it. So what would become of us?

I personally do not want to be a business specialist talking to computers. I love coding. And I want to be coding in years to come. So I guess I have to either move towards tools development or move away from Microsoft technologies. Looking at the future I don’t see a probability of much tools development opportunities arising in Sri Lankan IT industry. And having worked with US based customers for some time now, I don’t think even in US there would be as much opportunities I would have liked.

What’s worse is that I don’t have any other talent from which I could make a living… Wait… I have won best actor couple of times during my school days… hmm :-?

Any tools development companies out there like to hire me?