Monday, November 28, 2005

Bluetooth Viruses

I keep Bluetooth on in my Nokia 6230i at all times. This lead me to notice that in the past couple of months Bluetooth viruses has spread a lot in Sri Lanka - at least in Colombo and Kandy. When ever I’m in a public place, I receive data posts from various devices. This is not occasional anymore as it was earlier. This happens almost every day.

The firmware based mobile phones as mine, has little threat so far. But for smart phones running Symbian and Windows mobile it’s a different story. If you accept to receive any incoming data, it would be just like executing an exe from an unknown source - without a virus guard running.

One of my friends is in the mobile industry. So I asked him what are the common Bluetooth viruses in Sri Lanka. The most common one as he says is Cabir, a proof of concept virus which does nothing more than scanning for other Bluetooth devices around and sending itself to them, draining the battery and reducing performance in the process.

Read more info in :,39020360,39183104,00.htm

There are of cause anti-virus software available for Symbian and Windows Mobile smart phones. So if you are using a smart phone and don’t have an antivirus software installed in it - it’s time you get one installed.