Monday, October 03, 2005

What’s good about my employer

I have never celebrated my birthday twice while working for any other employer other than my current. From April 2001, I have been employed with 5 different employers and I quit two of them without finding a new one! I never had trouble finding employment. There for job stability was never a concern for me when I search for jobs. It’s not that I never considered leaving my current employer; in fact I wanted to twice; but each time I realized that it’s not a wise thing to do. So in this post I will try to summarize what I like about my employer.

Firstly, it’s the culture. Every employee could work with pride (at least most of the time), there’s no discriminations and every one’s made comfortable at work. You could talk with the senior managers of the company over lunch as if you were friends (and most of the time they treat you like friends)

Secondly it’s the well defined operational structures, every responsibility is well defined, there’s a process of doing every thing and there are alternatives to them if the primary fails. I MEAN for EVERY THING. This is one thing I have never seen any where else. And hope other smaller software companies adopt a scaled version of it for the benefit of IT employees in Sri Lanka.

Thirdly, the opportunity to work on enterprise level applications (not always using cutting edge technology - as we are a service oriented company, we serve what our clients wants). I get to do what most engineers in Sri Lanka only get to read about. This is the largest of its kind in Sri Lanka and we are unparalleled when it comes to size, structure and capacity.

Fourthly, People I get to work with. The best architects and technical gurus in the country work here because no other company has the capacity to employee them. The experience I gain by working with them can not ever be over valued.

Of cause there are negative things as well, but the positives still take over. That’s why I’m still employed here! I may feel like leaving time to time… but it would take a damn good offer for me to leave this place.