Sunday, October 16, 2005


I started my IT career as a systems administrator.
Since I was really good at systems software and
hardware troubleshooting all my friends and relatives
used to call me up when ever they had any problem with
their computer or network. But after I made the shift
to software development I lost the touch of it and
since I was down in colombo troubleshooting calls were
rare as well.
But this morning I had to help out my sister in-laws
brother with his ADSL and a downloading problem.
Luckily it required just some IE settings to be
changed and resetting the router. But that gave me a
clear picture of how long Ive been away from it. Its
not like Ive been away from computers, yet I didnt had
a clue how ADSL routers work.
Anyways hooked up with NC and Chamini for lunch and
this time took few photos. Would post them on Tuesday.
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