Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tech.Ed Tomorrow

With just few hours left for Tech.Ed, I thought I’d postpone my post on small company structure and talk about Tech.Ed.

One thing for sure it’s gonna be huge! Yes there are lot of people around who registered through the web but haven’t received any confirmation yet. So many can give up their hopes on Hands-on lab sessions on day 3 as they claim only the first 200 registrant would be entitled for it. But I think they’ll at least facilitate for 300.

I don’t know how many Microsoft initially expected to turn over at Tech.Ed but I’m pretty sure there’ll be multiples of that number.

They have invited some companies to host stalls, so even if you won’t make it to Microsoft sessions, you won’t be left out.

But I keep wondering, this is a Microsoft event, so what should we expect to see in these stalls? Most probably they’d exhibit how they have applied Microsoft technology in practical situations, what were the issues they came across and how they addressed them. Beside that, we can also expect them to show off a bit. So it won’t be boring for sure.

Beside all that I’m looking forward to meet new colleagues. So if you see me there, please come have a chat.