Sunday, October 30, 2005

Talking about the weekend and Kamal Hasan

Spent the last weekend in Colombo. Shared the pain of TWAIN with a friend on Saturday and went out with Sithira on Sunday. I intended to read at least 2 chapters during the weekend but didn’t read even a line.

Any ways watched a Tamil movie (with subtitles of cause) on Sunday and it was really good. South Indian movies have really evolved lately. The beginning of this new generation of south Indian films is I believe Kamal Hasan, who is one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. Even in the earliest films his talents are clearly visible. If you haven’t watched any of his films I encourage you to do so.


  1. Mahasen,

    I am really clueless about this. Maybe you or Paarthi can tell me, but isn't Sivaji (much older I know) supposed to be considered better than Kamal Hassan?

    I remember years ago, Kamala Hasan wrote a moving tribute to Sivaji Ganesan after he died, saying that he was his role model, and Sivaji was always a better actor than him.

  2. Perhaps Sivaji was a better actor but directors failed to bring the best out of him...
    I personaly like the generation after kamal.. Arvind Swamy, Madhavan, Prasanth.. they all make their talent obvious no matter how dim-witted the script is…
    That’s what makes them stand out from Sinhala cinema. Basically none of the Sinhala actors have that talent.

  3. Problem with sivaji is his over acting..!!! ;)
    but now we got many good talented actors in tamil cinema industry such as Vikram, madavan, Surya..!!

    some sugesstins..!!!
    Kaaka kaaka
    Kannathil muthamittal