Saturday, October 01, 2005

Spending the weekend in Colombo and planning work ahead

After going to Kandy almost every weekend for the past few months, I stayed back in Colombo this weekend. Being sleepcoholic I am, I slept well till 9 a.m.

Having nothing special to do during the weekend, I plan to prepare myself with some home work for the new project. And I would blog what I do, so the readers of my blog could get an idea of my approach to a project.

First of all I’ll list the constraints I face in doing so;

• I use my Nokia 6230i to connect to the internet. It’s strikingly fast (produces an average of 12 kilobytes per second downloads without down load accelerators) but I have to pay on a per KB basis. So I won’t be browsing much from home. That means my posts wouldn’t contain much information from the web.
• I don’t have much experience on enterprise level customer relationship management (CRM) and I have very little knowledge about it.
• I can’t publish stuff that is directly related to the project that I’m going t be doing in the blog as it could cost me my job! Yes it’s highly confidential information that we deal with, so I’m bound by some pretty tight nondisclosure agreements.

Said that, let’s see what I could publish;

• As I gain a general idea of CRMs and market leaders in CRM products I may publish them.
• As I find out the essential parts of CRMs and what makes each product from each vendor unique, they would be published.
• As I identify high level logical and physical architectural requirements of the system I will publish them with my thinking process behind them

But first of all, I’m going to brush up my technical knowledge from basics to advanced techniques. So you could also stay tuned for some interesting technical facts which I may probably visualize through my own vision towards them.