Sunday, October 23, 2005

My brother and I

My brother is 11 years older to me. Because of that huge age gap, there is a significant difference in our behaviours and attitudes; mainly, I think because of the different environments we grew in.
His teens were in 80s the dawn of the open economy in Sri Lanka (he is a banker). The culture was changing rapidly. Every thing was new to most of the people. Being the eldest of the family, he was held responsible for lot of things in his young age. He experienced the 88/89 rebel terrorism as a AL student. I always remember him as some one who’s matured & organised. Later he became a traditional and caring family man. Much like my father.

My teens were in the 90s the dawn of the technical era of Sri Lanka (I’m a software engineer). Being the youngest of the family was an excuse for me to be reckless, stubborn and irresponsible. I have experienced terrorism, corruption and crimes as a child. Yet I never see myself as matured or organised as my brother when he was at my age. I don’t know whether I would ever marry or not, but for sure I won’t be traditional.

It has always been wonderful to have a big brother like him. I believe he played a great role in my life, and still continues to do so. No matter what differences exist in our behaviours and attitudes we still share a great deal in common. I have learnt a great deal from him. Even through his mistakes ;-) so I could refrain from making them