Saturday, October 22, 2005


Today on our way to Kandy we were nearing Warakapola when my radar
detector started to buzz. I hit the breaks and looked at the
speedometer. I was doing around 90kmph. Few hundred meters down a
policemen popped out from hiding. They'd caught me at 76kmph.
I just took my licence back from police last wednesday. It's been
merely 3 days and here I was caught again. Rs. 1100 and a trip to
warakapola, which is right in the middle of Kandy and Colombo. It was
the last thing I wanted. Luckily they saw the doctors pass of my
sister. And after seeing her doctors ID, they let us go (like doctors
have special permission to speed)
I believe speed limits in Sri Lanka isn't realistic. I mean, if i'm to
drive below 40kmph in town limits and below 56kmph in suburbs it would
take me at least 6 hours to drive from colombo to kandy. (My personal
record for this is below 1h - that day my mother had been admitted to
the hospital and we were rushing to see her) I think the speed limits
should be some where around 70kmph at least. And Sri Lanka desperately
needs high ways.
After the increment of traffic fines, it's very common to see police
'enforcing' laws. Not because they are committed to their jobs but
because they can take high bribes. Three of my friends had bribed
police during last two weeks. All bribes Rs 550. The reason behind
this odd number is that the policemen has a wonderful way of asking:
they promise to pay the fine on behalf of the offender! No papers
written, no licence taken, only the money under the arm... I as a
principle do not bribe. So am going through all the fuss when ever I
get caught for traffic offences - which is very often
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