Monday, September 26, 2005

Things I wanted to write about but couldn’t

First of all, I wanted to write about politics in Sri Lanka with regards to the up coming presidential elections. But the political situation in Sri Lanka has been storming with so pathetic and humiliating events to an extent which writing about it in a blog has become a project I do not want to pursuit.

Secondly I wanted to write about the Buddhist cannon; which I would definitely write about in future as soon as I could find enough time.

Thirdly; I wanted to write about a lot of technical stuff. My technical blog hasn’t been updated for ages…I wanted to write about writing plug-ins for visual studio, customizing cruise control, using NUnit etc. etc. oh and not to forget Avalon… But my current engagements prohibit me from sparing time and research for such tasks. But hopefully by end of next month I’d be starting on a new project and would be able to write some technical stuff parallel to R & D of that project. (Hope I wouldn’t have to withdraw articles from codeproject like the last time – My R & D was billed to the customer so I did not have the rights to publish my designs)

Other than these there were some insignificant stuff that I wanted to write about but couldn’t due to various reasons.

Any ways if any one out there is interested in reading my views on a specific subject please let me know… I’ll do my best to write about it when ever I find time and publish it here.