Sunday, September 11, 2005

Received a speeding ticket :(

I'm usually a bit fast driver. I don't own a sports car but the cars I drive decently produce good speeds. Sri lanka's speeding limit for town limits is 56kmph while highway (if you could call them so) limit is 70. My average town limit speed is 70 while 120 is my adrinalin prompted limit.

For this reason I have a radar detector in my car which sounds an alarm when a traffic radar is directed at it. This handy gadget has served me well for the past few months.
Today I was driving from Kandy to Colombo and passed few traffic cops holding speed guns without getting caught.

But once when the alarm went on, I didn't try to slow down as I felt I'm already slow. But they stopped me and showed me the reading, I was doing 65kmph and it was town limit. Mind you this was at 11.45pm! Yet they wrote me a ticket and kept my driving licence. I wouldn't feel this bad about it if I had done at least 80, I remember speeding over 100kmph at the same location. Besides it's humiliating to say I was doing only 65 :(

Any ways now I have to go to Kadawatha, which is about 10km away from where I work to get my licence. Not to mention the 'wonderful' service of sri lankan police that I'll have to deal with.