Thursday, September 15, 2005

My employer is hiring

After laying off some hundreds of employees few moths back my employer is planning to hire new staff to meet their revenue targets. The leadership addressing a company update yesterday said that they’d be hiring PMs, BAs, TechLeads, SEs and DBAs from the industry and some fresh engineers getting out from campuses.

The question is whether people would consider joining here after the past experience. The attrition rate of the company is quite high these days with many leaving the company for better stability, technology, salaries and other management and infrastructure related issues. The perception of the employees (especially in the lower levels of the hierarchy) towards the company is really negative. 6 engineers left from my project alone during this month. Most of the existing projects lack resources due to this reason. While there are quite a few projects in the pipeline, finding resources for them has become a challenge.

It is going to be a real tough challenge for the company to uplift the moral of the current employees. They may have to offer high salaries and other benefits for the new recruits to attract them.