Monday, September 26, 2005

Life without vision

I had to spend the week end without specs. It was horrible. Couldn’t watch TV, Couldn’t work with the PC, and couldn’t identify people until I bump in to their faces. Grr and I had to drive back and forth to Kandy! I almost killed 2 bicycle riders and hit a lorry face on. I’m so glad that I didn’t had enough bad karma!
And about specs.. My last pair cost only Rs. 4750/- that’s about US$ 47.5 but this time, may be since I told them (Eric Rajapaksha Opticians) that I’m in a hurry to get them they robbed Rs. 19,000 (US$ 190) from me!! Had no choice but to select the cheapest from their designer wear collection. They didn’t even showed me the Chinese brands :( oh and they promised to give them sharp at 10 am this morning… it was 12 when I finally left there.
Any ways… happy to see the world clearly again.. Instead of blurred images.

Sigma, I sent you an IM, couldn’t mail you as your mail address isn’t public. Thanks for comments