Saturday, September 17, 2005

Father's birthday

Today's my father's birthday. In rememberance we had taken the
responsibility of offering morning alms to the mahamevna meditation
monastery in kundasale, kandy. We prepared alms in the morning and
took them to the monastery at 6.30 in the morning.
For some reason, I didn't feel like going with them. So I stayed back
home. When ever I go to a temple or a monastery I don't feel that they
are as good as I expect them to be. Hence I get really disappointed.
Too bad for a person who's seriously considering to become a monk.
I'm planning to pay a visit to the Kanduboda monastery which in my
belief is one of the best in the country. Hope I won't be disappointed
there. The head meditation teacher there, ven. Madawala Upali thero,
seems to be a well disciplined and achieved monk. One of the other
monks I like is ven. Pathagama Sumanarathana thero. I'd like to
practice meditation under guidance from one of them or their

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