Thursday, September 08, 2005

Angiogram postponed

Mother’s angiogram was postponed till tomorrow because the machine which is used is malfunctioning.She is in good state compared to past couple of days but a bit nervous about the angiogram which is done with only local anaesthesia.
Angiogram is done by inserting a micro video camera with a guide wire attached to it in to vessels from upper thigh area and guiding it up to the heart. The entire thing is recorded in to a CD for later reference. More detailed description on how it is done is found here.
My mother has low cholesterol levels but was suffering from high blood pressure which is what caused the heart attack. High blood pressure cause small blood vessels to explode and cause blood to coagulate. When it heals the blood clot detaches in to the vessel. If it reaches the heart and blocks a small vessel that supplies blood to heart muscles, it causes a heart attack! So people out their with high blood pressure, try your best to control it to avoid a risk of a heart attack.
This site is dedicated for people with high blood pressure. Unfortunately I was too late in finding it.