Friday, September 09, 2005

Angiogram normal!

Mother had severe palpitations from last night. Her heart beats went above 100 several times. We were all worried. Father came from Kandy with brother this morning.
Mother underwent the angiogram around 10 a. m. and the result – normal!
The best explanation possible is the medicine given after the stroke melted the blood clot in her heart; and palpitation is cause by some thyroxine deficiency. Her thyroid was remover several years back and she’s taking thyroxine tablets daily.
Causes of palpitations are found here. What’s pathetic is I was never interested in these things even though I knew my mother has had palpitations earlier. But again; my sister is a doctor – she should have known better. But at the end it had to go this far for our alarms to fire.