Saturday, September 17, 2005

Among best friends

I spent the most part of the day today with two of my best friends
from school days, Sithira and NC, and the new member of our
brotherhood, Chamini, NC's girlfriend. We walked the streets of kandy
and hang out at city view junction near whales park.
It was really wonderful being together. Even though we hadn't had a
chance to spend time with Chamini before, she had been well informed
about two of us by NC. She had no trouble at all fitting in and we
felt like she was one of our own from the begging.
we talked about old times, things we did and said during our golden
times, adventures, mistakes, mishaps and every thing. And we all had a
great time.
The three of us has been best friends since 1998 and was able to coop
trough rough times helping each other and understanding. Chamini's
been NC's girlfriend since 6th november 2003. But because both me and
Sithira was in colombo we didn't had a chance to hang out together
earlier. After today we all are looking forward to our next get
together. I feel really bad about not remembering to take some photos
of ourselves today. But next time, I won't.
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