Thursday, May 19, 2005

Being conscious

Every moment that passes by
Without me being conscious
Of thoughts, visions, hearings, smelling and feelings
Is a moment I lost to my emotions
But if I could be conscious
Of thoughts, visions, hearings, smelling and feelings
It’s a win over all emotions
And a beginning of a path to liberationWhich nothing but only the experience itself could describe…

Monday, May 16, 2005

Guerrilla Marketing – a review

I always liked work of Jayantha Chandrasiri. His work always had a difference. “Vedahamine” to start with was an excellent tele drama. Its theme was good, well casted… and every thing. “Dandu basnaa maanaya” was a milestone in history… His movie “Agni Dahaya” was one of a kind…
Then comes the disappointment of “Guerrilla Marketing”. Is it a mistake or is it just me?
Here’s this guy who’ve had schizophrenia from his childhood, cured by medication, goes on to live normally until he meet this politician whose personality seems to scare him back to his illness and suddenly cause of his illness is his love with his cousin, who he betrayed!!! And when the cousin forgives him he returns to normal but continues to see visions – as in A Beautiful Mind! Story didn’t have any base to begin with or to end with. It had no theme – at least sense of one. And the promotions said it’s about people who market their souls… he wasn’t marketing his soul… no one really did in that movie.
He had the illness well before he betrayed his love… or started marketing career. It’s the politicians’ personality which made the illness return.
Now I know Jayantha Chandrasiri is a very capable director. But he completely screws up in this movie.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


I’ve tried meditation, but was never able to continue it as a regular practice. I always found some kind of excuse. Lately, after each of these “trying” sessions, I spent some moments revisiting what disturbed my concentration. And I realized they consist of things I experienced and thought, and lead my mind along! Billboards, news, people, work you name it…
So that explains why, yogi’s chose forest monasteries. Yet can’t we do any thing about this? So I tried an extreme mind discipline. When ever I identify my mind is on a track as such (this is not easy) I’d think about the consequences and the nature of those thoughts and get rid of them. It works. But is really really difficult. And I was never able to achieve 100% (I even doubt 50%). Yet I was able to enjoy better concentration.